Adventure bike tours all over the Balkans

I’ve been thinking and waiting for right moment to get in Adventure bike tours project for few years already. If Sector Enduro tours project could be referred to my passion for Hard Enduro and intensive physical activities, this Adventure project has grown more like conscious decision after years of riding different bikes all over the […]

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What’s new for 2020 season?

It’s become a tradition to write down thoughts and wishes every December just before it knocks New Year. Lots from the 2019 list written here we actually put in life. Some we outdid. Few things changed along with strategy initially planned: We adjourned start of our new project Adventure bike tours just for one […]

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KTM EXC and BMW GS ride!

I’ve been thinking and cooking for a few years the thoughts about showing Serbia even more – not only rocky creeks, vertical uphills and other Hard loved Enduro stuff but the other places as well which are more than worth to see and experience. So, my friends accepted invitation to escape city and catch October sun […]

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Today I’ll share with you experience on what you should have already got before jumping into all this Enduro stuff and what are the basic exercises we recommend regardless of beginner or intermediate rider you are. It’s always funny to watch all those crazy Enduro and Hard Enduro fails videos on Youtube, but don’t forget […]

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Riding school article #1 – “Must know” list for proper entering the Enduro world

Already written an article about what influence has Enduro riding on road and especially Adv riding and maybe it’s useful to read it somehow It was few years ago, and now we got more experience in coaching and teaching people off road and Hard Enduro riding. Things I’m sure stayed same are: Off road […]

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Enduro Krzeszowice & Sector Enduro Serbia

One of the most famous #enduro crew in the world and definitely best known for their crazy videos, rode with us this spring😜. We expected that it was going to be fun, but they outperformed everything! 🙂 Just remember, that if you didn’t make till the end of uphill and you need helping hand just for half […]

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Enduro Round Trip with Sector Enduro Serbia (lot of photos)

Week ago we successfully finished this year’s most demanding Enduro tour. Exactly a week,  that’s the time we needed to recover 🙂 Ten (10) riders from Norway were our guests for seven amazing days. This tour was different from it’s beginning – our negotiations started more then year and a half ago. Probably we were […]

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Round Trip, Tara & Zlatibor Mountains (Video Inside)

In the end of April we had 4 riders from Russia and Germany on our Round Tip. First day we had enduro school skill check, and the other 3 days were for trip itself. We connected all we considered worth of seeing on these two mountains which are actually the most beautiful in Serbia. As […]

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Final Preps for 2019

Few days ago we got second and last load of 3 KTM TPI bikes. All protection gear had been ordered much before bikes were supposed to arrive but sometimes God has other plans, so the delivery was delayed and scheduled for the same days as 3 last bikes. And now all our plans to do […]

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Enduro Tours in Romania vs Enduro Tours in Serbia Part 4

I think four parts of writing about this subject (Enduro Tours Romania vs Enduro Tours Serbia) are quite enough. Actually, this was kind of thinking aloud. Maybe some information could be useful once! So lets get summarizing all this, if it is possible 🙂 Enduro tours in Romania have big tradition and have been in […]

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