Month: May 2019

Round Trip, Tara & Zlatibor Mountains (Video Inside)

In the end of April we had 4 riders from Russia and Germany on our Round Tip. First day we had enduro school skill check, and the other 3 days were for trip itself.

We connected all we considered worth of seeing on these two mountains which are actually the most beautiful in Serbia. As for the Enduro and route difficulty, generally it can be finished by every more or less enduro or off road rider. To be honest, there are sections that just have no alternative route, but we are there to help.
We start from Tara, ride part of it, then jump on Zlatibor mountain and most part of first day track lays there. First night is also on Zlatibor. Second day we ride to Priboj, over highest peak Tornik, Senista, distant places like Brezna and Jeleca. Third day route leads us over gorgeous Uvac canyon and hidden monastery, then through Jabanica (with coffee brake there), Rzav canyon and Semegnyevo to reach Mokra Gora and Tara again.

All that enduro rider can dream about is there – rocky rivers, fire roads, ravines, long downhills, forest trails, long small rivers canyons… Semi hard but lots of it and whats most important, there are NO beaten tracks.

Here is a little footage from first day 🙂

More to come. Enjoy!

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