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Summer Enduro Season so far

Lots of riding lately. This season hasn’t had intermediate riders – only hard core and beginners. What I’ve been observing in last two years was rising number of riders coming to learn and practice. Which is, I must admit, very good.

At the beginning of season, our garage got 4 new GASGAS bikes  – 2 x 250 2 stroke and 2 x 350 4 stroke. Well, we’re very happy with purchase, bikes are as reliable as KTMs, 99% spare parts compatible and fun for riding. I’d say that these would be perfect choice for riders wanting to make step up towards more extreme riding due to fact that they’re lower and bit shorter as well as the handle bar is slightly lower. You can easily play with them with zig-zags and pivots which is in my opinion basis of all hard technical riding.

However, we have a great season with new mountain explored 🙂

Come and join us! …and check the photos below 🙂

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