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What’s new for 2020 season?

It’s become a tradition to write down thoughts and wishes every December just before it knocks New Year. Lots from the 2019 list written here we actually put in life. Some we outdid.

Few things changed along with strategy initially planned:

  • We adjourned start of our new project Adventure bike tours just for one reason – we were too engaged in Enduro Tours this year
  • After all, we decided to go to KTM 790 Adventure instead of BMW GS models.

There are reasons for switching to KTM Adventure but I’ll leave it for some next time.

I’ve been thinking and waiting for right moment to get in Adventure bike tours project for few years already. If Sector Enduro tours project could be referred to my passion for Hard Enduro and intensive physical activities, this Adventure project has grown more like conscious decision after years of riding different bikes all over the world. Riding and teaching Enduro within Sector Enduro just assured me that Adventure bike tours are great idea. Here are my facts in favor:


  • All those ex-Yugoslavia republics like Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia are still unexplored for riders who usually pick up just well-known roads in order to get to some other place like Greece, Italy and even Turkey missing really lot here
  • This places are full of hidden roads – both paved and unpaved, going over most beautiful mountains on Balkans, still untouched but enough hospitable for good riding and nature enjoying.
  • Serbia, which is our start point for all tours we offer is quite easy accessible from any European country either by roads or airlines which means that short 3 days tour can be done within slightly stretched weekend.
  • Being in Europe but still out of EU, Serbia and surroundings still have very affordable prices for everything while service exceeds expectations
  • Distant villages and households which still continue way of life like it was even century ago
  • We want to show our country and best way to do this is to ride it


  • Number of Adventure and road bike riders are significantly bigger then number of skilled Enduro maniacs
  • Number of riders who attended our Enduro School in 2018 and 2019 has been steadily and constantly growing and most of them wanted to either learn or improve their skills just to gain some level of confidence when going off road or far from home
  • We learnt what to give to make riders happy – new knowledge and challenge. Been doing our Enduro school for two years already, we always teach and show something new from our skills arsenal. And always give an option of applying it in a ride
  • Finally, people just want adventure and we know how to bring it

And for 2020 Adventure season we prepared good and interesting stuff.

First of all we have 3 tours to offer for KTM 790 Adventure:

  1. 3 days of riding named MIND BLOW which actually fully describes what it is supposed to be. Planned to be relatively short with start point next to airport, this one leads over most beautiful mountains through west Serbia and East Bosnia. Mountains, scenic roads, lakes, ancient forests, hidden villages are keep coming one after another. Small restaurants with best cuisine as well as the family households are the places where we plan to taste famous Balkans dishes.
  2. BIG ONE is a 6 days tour all over the western Serbia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Creating this one we used same strategy as for the previous – only most interesting, only distant roads both gravel and tarmac, most exciting canyons, mountain lakes and forests, best places to stay and taste original cuisine.
  3. The one we strongly recommend to off-road beginners and those who have big Adventure plans – ORANGE PLUM SCHOOL. Really original formula for intensive learning off-road riding developed here means using KTM sport ENDURO and 790 Adventure bikes. Both exciting and highly useful exercises on real deal territory high in the mountains will kick you to another level of riding.

So we used all our experience and passion to think over every detail and every meter of our routes prepared for 2020. And we got:

  • Fully equipped 5 new 2020 KTM 790 Adventure bikes ready to roll in 2020
  • Fully equipped 8 new 2020 KTM EXC 250 & 300 + 2 x 2016 EXC 350 school bikes
  • 3000 km of Adventure tracks over 4 mountains
  • 5 full sets of enduro riding gear ready for newbies
  • New accommodation place with restaurant and garage at same place
  • New guide and partner super experienced adventure rider

As for the new Adventure season plans I think this would perfectly fit:

  • Bike arrival according plans which is mid of March
  • All preparations done in week – checking, testing, equipment mounting
  • First 1000 km promo and test ride done till the end of March
  • 10 Adventure tours successfully done
  • One race done

That’s it by now, see you on bike arrival 🙂

Detailed description of all tours you can easily find here


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