Lots of entertainment in one place

Example of how to make some distant place extremly attractive. Authentic houses, squares, restaurants, caffes, all made with humor and creativity.


The place where you can spend few days without being bored for a second.

Sarganska osmica

Renewed old railway lays through hardly accessible and wild places on altitude  from 800 to 1300m. Old style wagons, amazing sceenary, distant stations.

Train starts every day in the morning.


Old bridge on river Drina in the city of Visegrad, Bosnia, 40kms from our base. Built in 1577 still stays one of must see places on Balkans. You can have a time on boat through Drina river canyon, and after that walk through Andric City nearby, or have a lunch break in some national 


Made from scratch few years ago this city is touristic attraction as much as culture center and landmark. Restaurants, groceries, movies, theatres, touristic boats pier, university and accommodation at your disposal


Zaovine lake is 15 kms from our base. Artifical lake with pure  water on altitude 1100m above sea, untouched and visited only by dedicated nature lovers. Diving and swimming in peaceful and distant place.


Fishery in the base of Tara mountain offers you fresh fish and excellent place on the riverbank Drina. After healthy dinner the walk through pedestrian peaceful city Bajina Basta nearby will complete the day.


Another artificial lake in the base of Tara near Bajina Basta city. Water sports and touristic boats, coffee break and Serbian grocery.


Racha, ancient monastery survived many unhappy times in Serbian history. All wishes made there are embodied. One of our station on “Holy Tour”.

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