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Few words why Enduro Round Trip Adventure is Best Seller

Since the end 2016 we had only few groups of Enduro Experts who came not to ride as much as to train hard.

All our other guests were either intermediate or beginners in Hard Enduro. So, it came that people were mostly coming for good time and to have a pleasure from riding in nature. Lots of our precious guests wanted to pop in traditional life in mountain households who haven’t changed almost nothing in their lives for a long time.

Some asked us to stay for a day there, saying that they hadn’t felt like that for a long time. As we started this Enduro Tours thing by targeting mostly Hard Enduro and Extreme Enduro audience, hence the tour plan was such – we were accommodated at one place and every day we had both – start and finish there.

Then, we decided to establish new Enduro offer – Round Trip Enduro Adventure, which would include all that was missing in usual Hard Tour. That means specific feeling from Adventure of Exploring new places on first place. Second, accommodation is arranged at different place every night with different people hosting us in their households.

The tour we offer now is 350 km long and route goes over 2 most beautiful mountains in Serbia – Tara and Zlatibor. In order to attract more riders and promote our beautiful and hospitable country, we made a lot alternative sections for different skill levels but all of them follow the main route’s direction. That’s why this offer is suitable for both beginners and advanced Enduro riders.

As a result, we got an adventurous Enduro riding event, which will be one of your “life rides”. Places that you dreamed to visit, feeling of freedom that you’ve probably forgotten lately in your life because of work and worries, all that now is arranged in endless sequence of long mountain ridges, untouched forests, lakes, little rivers, hidden monasteries, trails, view points sceneries…

I think now, that this trip is perfect combination of adventure and technical riding and probably that’s the reason why it has become best seller recently.

See you there 🙂

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