KTM EXC and BMW GS ride!

I’ve been thinking and cooking for a few years the thoughts about showing Serbia even more – not only rocky creeks, vertical uphills and other Hard loved Enduro stuff but the other places as well which are more than worth to see and experience.

So, my friends accepted invitation to escape city and catch October sun in Serbian Mountains, share a ride with us and talk about doing new offers together.

Without going into details – it’s going to be mind blow offer which will include few days of intensive Enduro school on Enduro bikes + days of riding distant places on and off road. Idea is to reach different and little nooks of Serbian country and life.

And of curse that happened – we rode together!

Few shots from ride, more news to come.


Today I’ll share with you experience on what you should have already got before jumping into all this Enduro stuff and what are the basic exercises we recommend regardless of beginner or intermediate rider you are.

It’s always funny to watch all those crazy Enduro and Hard Enduro fails videos on Youtube, but don’t forget that it’s funny until nobody gets hurt, or at least until somebody else does. But those fails are fails, and we want to ride not to fail. We don’t want to screw our knees or necks, we don’t want to launch or sink the bikes, because it costs a lot of money and time.


  • Don’t watch Enduro fails vids on Youtube, watch Enduro riding educational vids instead
  • Quit smoking, quit alcohol (beer is ok after good riding day), quit fast food – you don’t need extra weight on the knees and bike, you need the money saved from bad habits
  • It’s better to be in good physical condition because if you want to learn something, you’ll have to train and ride a lot. You’ll have to work hardly on the bike
  • Purchase all riding gear – boots, knee protection, body armor, helmet, neck protection, googles, gloves, pants.. If it’s all new, spend some time to get used – walk, jump, squat..
  • While choosing the trainer or school, pay attention to place they use, type of bikes, who is the coach, what is the reputation. Maybe you will have to change few of them until find the one that fits you most.
  • Things to pay attention at coach:
    • he checks all the riding gear you use;
    • he has to watch your riding and training process all the time;
    • if he often stops you after few laps on some exercise and tell you what should be corrected – that’s good;
    • he has to show you proper way of doing every exercise, every move and position by himself;
    • first few training sessions he’ll not force to open throttle more;
    • he is persistent in teaching you some technique;
    • he rides next to you, he rides in front of you showing the proper way of doing something;
    • he gives you enough time to rest;
    • he is not upset if you brake some plastics
    • if you fell down he lets you to picks up bike by yourself
    • if you feel that you are winner at least once per training – that’s it.
  • Try to manage your time the way to have at least two trainings per week. Firstly, riding is best way to release stress; second, you will not forget the knowledge obtained on previous training.
  • If you’re going to be taught on rented/school bikes, it is important that they are in good condition, we recommend that they are sport Enduro, not motocross bikes, that they have electric starter, tires are 70% and better. This generally means – no Chinese bikes, no old CRs, RMZs, KXFs or similar.
  • As for the engines – no big difference between new models of 2 and 4 strokes for the beginner. The whiskey throttle is more likely to happen on, for example, 350 4 stroke, instead of 250 2 stroke. New Enduro 2 strokes do not response on throttle (in the first half of revs) such immediately and explosively like 4 strokes. Beginners or intermediate riders who have never tried 2 strokes before usually think quite the opposite.
  • The goal of beginners course is to teach you
    • Proper position on bike
    • Moving on the bike while accelerating, braking and turning
    • Proper hands position and moving
    • Using rear brake
    • Cornering
    • Why you got to lean the bike if you want to turn
    • Where to look while ride
  • Beginners course is usually been held at some flat place without uphills, downhills, logs, rocks and everything that actually makes Enduro. So, if you are slower that classmates, it doesn’t mean anything. Enduro is all about clever using bike and men’s power J

Riding school article #1 – “Must know” list for proper entering the Enduro world

Already written an article about what influence has Enduro riding on road and especially Adv riding and maybe it’s useful to read it somehow https://sectorenduro.com/big-adventure-bikes-skill-improvement/

It was few years ago, and now we got more experience in coaching and teaching people off road and Hard Enduro riding. Things I’m sure stayed same are:

  • Off road riding hardly can be taught on one’s own
  • Enduro and especially Hard Enduro significantly extends riding geography
  • Learning it properly means safe and enjoyable riding
  • Off road riding improves your riding generally – adv and road
  • It’s fun, and even more than any other kind of riding

So, as I promised, here is short list of “must know” things when coming to Enduro riding:

  • No matter how good you are, there is always something you’ll learn
  • Finding a good Enduro coach sometimes can be whole project and you got to be patient – chose the one you like more even if he is farther than the one next to home
  • Be sure that good one is going to start from beginning – position on the bike..
  • Few first sets of exercises can be boring but they gonna make you get used to bike
  • Intensive training means 1,5 to 2 hours of riding for the group of 3 to 6 riders
  • Even if you were bad in physics and still don’t like it, some things you’ll have to learn and remember – it will help you to trust bike more J
  • Best places for beginners Enduro Training ground are fields, ravines, clear places in the woods without extraneous thing like concrete blocks, metal stuff, holes..
  • Easy start means few lessons on low speed but with lots of explanations and “how tos” by the coach
  • Easy start means you more relaxed, more got used to bike and class mates and hence – safe learning process
  • Those trainings will be the only place where you will feel and understand what balancing on the bike really means and how important it is
  • Same for clutch work, rear brake, moving on the bike and lot more (equally applicable for any kind of riding)
  • As long as you’re riding wrong technique you’ll suffer arm pump or pain in lower back
  • Coach will rise tracks difficulty gradually to make you confident by applying the knowledge and having a good time
  • Good coach is worth every cent you pay – believe, it’s much, much cheaper than any injury or damage you may suffer somewhere far from home
  • Basic knowledge can be learnt on almost any kind of off road bikes, but if you want to grow up you’ll have to switch to real sport Enduro bikes like KTM EXC, Betta RR, Sherco, Husqvarna..

99% of beginner level riders coming to ride with us understand lot of things listed above and they like the schedule we offer – every day trainings and every day learning something new.

So if you’re entering this exciting and tough world, just take a look at all this. Most interesting thing to come J

Enduro Krzeszowice & Sector Enduro Serbia

One of the most famous #enduro crew in the world and definitely best known for their crazy videos, rode with us this spring😜. We expected that it was going to be fun, but they outperformed everything! 🙂

Just remember, that if you didn’t make till the end of uphill and you need helping hand just for half of last meter, be sure that they gonna kick you back 🙂 If you felt into the little river, no doubt that they gonna help you to sink fully 🙂

They’ll not let you ahead, they’ll film while you will be looking for the quiet place to pee, they will throw the rocks at you just to have a good GoPro shoot 🙂 But they WILL make your Enduro ride one of the best in your life 🙂

Real hard enduro as it should be!

This is first part of Enduro Krzeszowice trip to Sector Enduro Serbia😁💪

Enduro Round Trip with Sector Enduro Serbia (lot of photos)

Week ago we successfully finished this year’s most demanding Enduro tour. Exactly a week,  that’s the time we needed to recover 🙂

Ten (10) riders from Norway were our guests for seven amazing days. This tour was different from it’s beginning – our negotiations started more then year and a half ago. Probably we were not ready for something like that back then. And I was honest with with them telling so. We stayed in contact and they had been carefully following us on social media – our growth, our new tracks, bikes news and how our experience was growing. So at some moment they decided that we’re ready 🙂

Tour, which could be easily named as Project, had formula

– 2 days of technical #HardEnduro – split in two groups with different skill level

– one day off with some hanging around

– 3 days Enduro Round Trip.

To be honest, before D-day, we had been running through schedule over and over again just not to miss every single detail…and there were lot of them – transfer from and to airport, day-off

– bike preparations – we had to check all our bikes and do usual stuff on bikes like changing oil, washing air filters, change tires, maintain forks on 2 older bikes, repair starter on one EXC 350, put new muffler protection, repair few wires and killer switches.. Lots of job 🙂

– spare parts – purchase few clutch and front brake levers, chain locks, batteries, radiators, grips, one throttle set, magnet and clutch covers and stuff like wire, liquid metal, tools..and of course duct tape

– meals at accommodations and in mountains (especially those on Round Trip) – not a easy one 🙂 as it was touristic season, we had to book everything more or less without mistakes in timing, otherwise we could have continued riding without lunch at some places.

– other stuff like single room accommodations, luggage transfers on round trip, everyday refueling, spare bike, trailer…beer 😄🍾

– Tracks were special challenge – we had to prepare  alternative Enduro routes for extreme details, reconcile riding few places where the only way was over some small sections of private property, check em few times..

Hard Enduro riding first two days was just amazing. We split in two groups and rode only hard and extreme tracks. Riders were just excellent – they strictly followed our recommendations and rode absolutely everything without causing any damage to both – themselves and bikes 🙂

On day-off I surprisingly recognized that they didn’t like brandy as they liked beer 🙂 We visited one of the oldest distilleries in Serbia and stayed sober 🙂

In spite of checking all this few times, all preparations , we had one unexpected (I knew that I had to expect something unexpected) issue – beginning of hunting season on Tara mountain was actually adjourned because of heavy rains that had preceded and was scheduled exactly for first day of Round Trip. That meant that we had to exclude part of first’s day Enduro Round Trip track and to leave Tara mountain as soon as possible.

So, we had to extend Enduro tracks and riding on Zlatibor. Exploring and riding, especially Hard Enduro tracks always needs time, but we didn’t have it that time and we used our experience to lay the new sections. At some places we had to wait until Dushan checked it, at some places we hit the shepherd wires.. But generally, route was quite difficult and interesting 😉

Second day of our Enduro was according to plan except the one thing – one of our quests decided that had it enough for that day and asked us to pick him up at lunch and drive to our next accommodation. Actually, I thought that he was going to ride around one pretty extreme Enduro section, but he didn’t and that sucked all his energy. On the other hand, he rode one of highest and most beautiful ridges in Serbia and that was worth of it! 🙂

The rest of the day was great, full of rocky sections and beautiful views….and hospitable locals who offered us traditional bandy and overnight stay 🙂 I have always been telling our guests that it’s just impossible to be hungry and left alone in Serbia 🙂

And we had a really great adventure, the best so far. No such a successful trip without such a good riders and people.

Thx to great crew from Norway and Serbia.😎

Round Trip, Tara & Zlatibor Mountains (Video Inside)

In the end of April we had 4 riders from Russia and Germany on our Round Tip. First day we had enduro school skill check, and the other 3 days were for trip itself.

We connected all we considered worth of seeing on these two mountains which are actually the most beautiful in Serbia. As for the Enduro and route difficulty, generally it can be finished by every more or less enduro or off road rider. To be honest, there are sections that just have no alternative route, but we are there to help.
We start from Tara, ride part of it, then jump on Zlatibor mountain and most part of first day track lays there. First night is also on Zlatibor. Second day we ride to Priboj, over highest peak Tornik, Senista, distant places like Brezna and Jeleca. Third day route leads us over gorgeous Uvac canyon and hidden monastery, then through Jabanica (with coffee brake there), Rzav canyon and Semegnyevo to reach Mokra Gora and Tara again.

All that enduro rider can dream about is there – rocky rivers, fire roads, ravines, long downhills, forest trails, long small rivers canyons… Semi hard but lots of it and whats most important, there are NO beaten tracks.

Here is a little footage from first day 🙂

More to come. Enjoy!

Final Preps for 2019

Few days ago we got second and last load of 3 KTM TPI bikes. All protection gear had been ordered much before bikes were supposed to arrive but sometimes God has other plans, so the delivery was delayed and scheduled for the same days as 3 last bikes. And now all our plans to do it peace by peace were ruined. But the saying is – don’t have time have friends 🙂

And it’s fun right to the moment when they go home and you still have a plenty of work to do.

So here is the list:

  1. mounting skid plate
  2. hand guards
  3. moussess
  4. fans

If you going to use 140 moussess (we use technomousse) and Maxxiss tires that come with new bikes, be ready for hard work . And be sure that you’ll not complete that mission alone.

No problems with skid plate, I was expecting much more suffering. Hand guards we use original one, they turned up to be extremely reliable and tenacious 🙂

Two days we stayed late at night when even beer did’n help 🙂

Not to mention all that work with hotel bookings, transfers preparations, food for Round Trip tour, riding gear check, GPS, batteries, spare parts…

To be continued 🙂

Enduro Tours in Romania vs Enduro Tours in Serbia Part 4

I think four parts of writing about this subject (Enduro Tours Romania vs Enduro Tours Serbia) are quite enough. Actually, this was kind of thinking aloud. Maybe some information could be useful once!

So lets get summarizing all this, if it is possible 🙂

Enduro tours in Romania have big tradition and have been in deal since 2000s. There are lots of them so you can choose either by recommendation or just by yourself.

As for the tracks, bikes, nature and Enduro riding generally, there is no big difference between Enduro in Romania and Enduro in Serbia. This type of tourism must meet the highest standards of service in accommodation and food, because it is conjugated with all day heavy physical activities and riders just have to be fully prepared and rested for a ride. So mostly riders don’t stay to long with beer and brandy at nightclubs. After all, Enduro riders consider riding as most interesting and best entertainment in the World and the main reason they come 🙂

I have to match that nightlife and city break is in favor of Romania, but don’t forget that Serbia is famous for its creative and unexpected entertainment, so if you want some other night clubs and bars, and something other in generally, just ask!

If you want to try other that well known destination, check the food #1 in Europe, and see how this offer can look like when somebody made a mission out of this, then welcome 🙂



As I’m an Master of Nuclear Engineering, I like sheets, analysis, graphs and all that stuff, so I packed it all in one place.

Europe Yes Yes
Discounter Airlines WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet
Regular Airlines Yes Yes
Distance from Airport 5 – 100 km 180 km
Enduro is Legal? Yes Yes
Choice, companies 20+ 3
Place Transylvanian Alps Tara and Zlatibor mountains
City Sibiu, Arad Bajina Basta, Zlatibor
Shoping Yes Little bit
After ride time Sibiu, nightlife Provincial town, local
All inclusive? Yes Yes
Own Bike option? Yes Yes
Lone Riding? No
Prices 3 days all inclusive 650 EUR groups 3+ 690 EUR groups 2+
Prices 5 days all inclusive 950 EUR groups ? 850 EUR groups 3+ (lite Enduro)
Enduro School Yes Yes
Adventure long trips Yes Yes
__Expensive companies Sherco, Betta, KTM 2018, 2019 We are not expensive
__Cheap locals Variety KTM 2019 J
__Protection Full Full
__Moussess Yes Yes
__Breakage deposit Yes Yes
__Level All All
__Altitude 300 – 2200 m 500 – 1600 m
__Round trips Yes Yes
__appts ALL (3 -5 *) ALL (3 -4 *)
__mountain cabins On request On request
__included Breakfasts, dinners Breakfasts, dinners
__on request lunch lunch
Season April – end of October March – end of November
Weather Wide range Quite stable and sunny
Language English, German English, Russian, (German soon)
Guides Huge variety 3 dedicated

Few words why Enduro Round Trip Adventure is Best Seller

Since the end 2016 we had only few groups of Enduro Experts who came not to ride as much as to train hard.

All our other guests were either intermediate or beginners in Hard Enduro. So, it came that people were mostly coming for good time and to have a pleasure from riding in nature. Lots of our precious guests wanted to pop in traditional life in mountain households who haven’t changed almost nothing in their lives for a long time.

Some asked us to stay for a day there, saying that they hadn’t felt like that for a long time. As we started this Enduro Tours thing by targeting mostly Hard Enduro and Extreme Enduro audience, hence the tour plan was such – we were accommodated at one place and every day we had both – start and finish there.

Then, we decided to establish new Enduro offer – Round Trip Enduro Adventure, which would include all that was missing in usual Hard Tour. That means specific feeling from Adventure of Exploring new places on first place. Second, accommodation is arranged at different place every night with different people hosting us in their households.

The tour we offer now is 350 km long and route goes over 2 most beautiful mountains in Serbia – Tara and Zlatibor. In order to attract more riders and promote our beautiful and hospitable country, we made a lot alternative sections for different skill levels but all of them follow the main route’s direction. That’s why this offer is suitable for both beginners and advanced Enduro riders.

As a result, we got an adventurous Enduro riding event, which will be one of your “life rides”. Places that you dreamed to visit, feeling of freedom that you’ve probably forgotten lately in your life because of work and worries, all that now is arranged in endless sequence of long mountain ridges, untouched forests, lakes, little rivers, hidden monasteries, trails, view points sceneries…

I think now, that this trip is perfect combination of adventure and technical riding and probably that’s the reason why it has become best seller recently.

See you there 🙂

Enduro Tours in Romania vs Enduro Tours in Serbia Part 3

Part 3

Well, yes, there are differences between riding Enduro in Romania and Serbia. But, no matter how hard I tried to evaluate and sort them out, the fact still stays the same. Definitely, Enduro in Romania is like one big Enduro party, or even more – like one big Enduro Circus 🙂 That’s like renting a scooter or having a massage in Thailand –  you can find it on every turn 🙂

No doubt you’ll find a lot of good companies as well as “gold diggers” who’ll try to make use of Romania Enduro Tours Glory. Usually those riders who come for the first time with no significant knowledge and experience will just consider some things as normal and self-evident. Like using simple tires with flat tire issue very often, riding beaten tracks, no proper teaching etc.

However, those who carry make their services better every year and enjoy their job.

From one hand, we don’t have any serious competition here, just because we made this to be our main job. But as we are only 400 km from Sibiu (yes, that’s true) and in every single tour negotiation riders compare us with offers from Romania Enduro companies, it comes that we must correspond to services offered there and try to be a slightly better and of course, cheaper.

For example, it’s already not enough to offer 2016 and 2017 bikes for most of young clients. Just because most of them ride exactly that MY at home. Or, just want to try new models like happened in 2018 with those TPI’s.

And we purchased 7 new KTM EXC TPI’s because of that and because we just know that we will grow. Partly because we encountered that it’s much more interesting for newcomer to learn something like student – like of road riding exercises spending on it every day just 1 hour of systematic Enduro training, we established Enduro School. That allows rookie to feel himself more confident, he’ll be able to face a lot of situations that surely occurs if you want to ride real Enduro and spread the riding geography. No to mention that by teaching him in Enduro School, we minimize possibility of injury and bike damage, which in turn makes rider more relaxed and enjoying on bike.

End of part 3

Next part I’ll conclude that all we need is love 🙂

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