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Round Trip tracing – my best riding ever (photos)

Actually, we finished main route more then month ago, but there were few places where alternative had to be found. So, few days ago, Dusan and me started from Tornik (Zlatibor mountain) and followed GPX that I had drawn before.

I thought that there should be some safe place for going through Uvac near the Dubrava Monastery, so after 2 hours we reached that place which as I had considered should be the one. But unfortunately, absolutely no way to ride that place. From the other hand, occasionally, we found just spectacular place from which huge canyon and surrounding cliffs were on a full view.

So, from that point, we used Google Earth and locals to find the way around. And that ocassional ride, without existing gps track happened to be one of the best rides in our life.

There are no words to express my thankfulness to God and everything that made my life go this way.

This ride was kind of crossroads where I had a last opportunity to turn and left all this beauty unseen by someone whose life has to be changed.

Thank you all.


video soon

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