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Enduro in Romania vs Enduro in Serbia Part 1

I was just thinking about our advantages and limitations comparing to Romania Enduro tours companies and generally riding Enduro in Romania. Actually, I think about that all the time 🙂

I carefully watch over the lot of Enduro Tours companies in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece by following them on Facebook, Instagram, visiting their web pages etc.

And what I’ve noticed…

Main conclusion is that Romania sells Enduro services by the key word – Romania 🙂 because they’ve been operating on that market since ‘90s… Some of the companies still have the photos in their galleries with very old bikes… That’s of course serious argument. And the main one.

Second is Sibiu and that’s the killer argument. Sibiu is just amazing old city with everything you might need besides Enduro in Romania..

Our guests have never complained about the night life and of course, they all liked it, but at the first sight by surfing through Google and watching what offers Sibiu and what can you expect from Tara, we lose that round 🙂 Not to forget the fact that the easiest way to come to ride with buddies sometimes is to take your wife with you 🙂 And the easiest way to make your wife happy while you’re off for riding and spending money on it, is to arrange her shopping. Sibiu +100, Tara -100 🙂 Yes, this advantage can cause spending more money at after-ride time which makes this kind of relatively expensive entertainment even more expensive 🙂

Now we spread our riding geography to nearby Zlatibor mountain which has far more nightlife and places for riders wife 🙂

Third fact considers the Enduro riding geography in Romania, which is just huge of course. From one hand, no doubt that’s advantage. From the other, riding domain in Enduro terms, usually covers the surface with diameter of about 20-25 km max if you ride it from one place every day.

So, the size here doesn’t matter 🙂 These bikes are some kind of sport equipment and stuff for entertainment not transport vehicles for touring or traveling.

Yes, you might think that Round Trip Enduro tours demand a huge and wild territory, but again, we face the fact that for good and interesting riding you can’t do more than 80-100 km per day, with, for example, 4 day tour. Moreover the good tracks are traced the way they should be accessible by 4×4 and not to far from inhabited places…

So, this “size advantage” is questionable because you can’t cover more then 70-100 km of hard Enduro tracks a day. That’s area within a radius of 15 km from your accommodation.

End of part 1. Next part continues exciting tale of Serbia Enduro rising and revenge 🙂


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