Motorhead track collection


  • Length  130 kms
  • Level     beginner in hard
  • Terrain  forests, highlands plateaus, rocky desert-like sunny places
This one is super suitable for beginners and ADV/dual sport riders with no noticeable race ready bikes experience. 130 kms of ‘so-so’ forest roads, through rocky road sections and easy downhills. Many hours on this track and you’ll get use to it and relax. Enough time to start standing and moving on the bike. To keep it wide open and brake with rear wheel blocked. Learn and practice. This track includes some touristic coffe break places to visit. And of course, stunning nature all days long.


  • Length  50 km
  • Level     semi hard
  • Terrain  forests, highlands plateaus, rocky creeks, semi hard uphills, long ravines.
  • For those who have tried enduro some time ago, or have been riding it periodically with no hard terrains and no sweating.
“One track mind” is one of my favorite Motorhead tracks and considered as perfect one for hard enduro entry level. It begins with long tiny river, and that’s probably something you’ll ride first time in your life. Then some scary rocky longside which lead to some old forest roads – 4, 5th gear flat out! Few long ravines mixed with semi-hard uphills bring us to highlands plateau and stunning view from 1200m above sea. It continues through lonely but absolutely amazing places – distant mountain villages, shepherds houses, lakes.. On the last third of the “One track mind” you’ll ask yourself – where all this was in my life before… Details SOON


  • Length  90 km
  • Level     hard, semi-hard
  • Terrain  forests, rocky creeks, semi hard uphills, rocky downhills, long ravine and rivers.
Next step after “One track mind”. All details are little bit harder but much longer than previous one. After some introduction, it goes right down to rocky creek and forest sidelong downhill. And then again for some 20 kms. After few semi-hard but long uphills, there are few long rides through rocky sections. On that point you’ll realize that you’ve been standing on the bike most of the time, because there is no other way to stay on the seat! Then we go down to the abandoned mountain road which lead us to slippery uphill. But that’s only beginning – ahead is long muddy downhill and amazing scenery endless uphill. On the way back there are few uphills and rocky rivers.  Finishing this track in one day is good job. Details SOON


  • Length  75 km
  • Level     hard
  • Terrain  forests, rocky creeks, hard uphills, rocky steep downhills, long ravine and rivers.
Hello my extreme brothers \m/ Actually this track can be finished in one day only if you are experienced enough. As it follows same direction as “One track mind”, specific details from it are used for practice what makes it suitable as extreme enduro entrance level track. Not much time to rest between technical sections that could be ridden around if you are tired. Perfect for 5 days tour two or even three of which can be spent on “Tales of glory”.


  • Length 90 km
  • Level hard, extreme
  • Terrain forests, rocky creeks, hard uphills, rocky very steep downhills, long ravine and river
When someone finishes the “Tales of Glory” successfully, usually everybody around are told about that)) The name of this track speaks for itself. No strength left for telling the tales. From the beginning till the end, only hard work, endless self overcoming. This one follows the direction of “No voices on the sky”, so the big problems can be avoided. Few uphills look like unsolvable, other ARE unsolvable. Joke 🙂 It’s better to check the map for details
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