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Finally found time to seat down and edit huge pile of GoPro enduro material. Rides were mostly expert leveled, and shots were from the helmet. If we consider the fact that August is always green and with the sun high all the day, we get the videos where everything around is green like in the jungle, enduro uphills, downhills and single trails all look like similar to each other. Which is pretty boring no matter how actually riding was exciting and fun. And that’s the reason why I collected only 4 minutes of action out of large amount of videos.

However, guys were all good riders, we had great weather and hard tracks. Exactly the way we like the most 🙂

Cought in Action:

  • Vlada
  • Todor
  • Zile
  • Dusan
  • Dragan
  • Nebojsa

And only one four stroke!


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