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Enduro Round Trip 2024

We invite to try Enduro Round Trip this year. It’s a 3 or 4 days adventure covering two mountains in Serbia. Difficulty level – medium, average day mileage varies from 70 – 100 km.
The idea is to experience real adventure every minute on the 300 kms through the heart of most beautiful and untouched, authentic countryside.
Days end at different places with a beer and delicious cuisine. All our stuff is transferred from point to point.
Day 1
We start from our base on Tara mountain and head towards Zlatibor. Route goes mostly through pine forests, narrow riverbeds, rocky creeks. Scenery reminds Lord Of Rings! Our final destination is a touristic City – last and only urban place on our trip.
Day 2
Level up! Longer and harder day, everything gets bigger – uphills, downhills, rivers… One of the most remembering moments happens right that day – Tornik ridge with a spectacular view from a few kilometers long cliff we’ll be riding along. Once the ridge is finished, you’ll think that things getting easier, but still they don’t! Geography starts to change with a lot of challenging and spectacular places. Day ends with a long descent from 1350 to 600 altitude right to the accommodation and great little restaurant!
Day 3
Hold tight! Longest, hardest and most beautiful areas. We will cross one of the deepest river canyons in Europe at the only possible point for that action – right next to the Uvac ancient monastery. Then we climb back to clouds and ride over the Mongolia-like highlands. By the way, photos in this post are from the Round Trip.
Level up once more! Tracks continues over huge and naked hills, few distant villages and 30 kms of most challenging part of the adventure. If there is power still left in you, this finishing part will take it and make remember for the rest of your life!
Bikes are fresh 2023 KTMs, we have riding gear free of charge, support vehicle and pro guides!
Enduro Round trip is definitely most exciting and beautiful tour in our menu!
Write us for details!

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