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Summarizing 2023

Our first guests this year arrived on 2.04, last group finished 25.11. Quite a long and good season with lots of sunny days. Here follow few statistic details that might be of interest:
– 154 guests from 7 different countries
– approximately 60% came to riding school (mostly weekend option)
– 35-40 riders were first time on Enduro bike
– due to huge migration process, 42 riders were Russians who moved to Serbia (6 were girls)
– 25 riders have visited us more then once in a last 3 years
– two big groups from Swiss and France were our guests 4th time in a row since 2020
– biggest groups were from Swiss (17 and 13) and from France – 11 riders
– increased number of riders requiring 4 strokes
– more then a 60% were age 40+
– absolutely NO problems with the bikes (2022 and 2023 KTMs)
– average advanced riders’ level estimated as Hard Enduro hobby class which I would refer to increased number of 40+ aged riders (economic crisis in Europe unfortunately)
In spite of the approximately standard number of guests for the season, the amount of moto hours turned out to be almost half of the usual. This is explained by the number of riders came to riding school. After all, we have noticed permanently growing interest in improving riding skill among riders. By the way, majority of our students came on recommendation 🙂
However, one month of books and we’re back to 2024 preparations.
You’re all invited to check great riding geography!

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