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KTM TPI 2019 arrival at Sector Enduro

Ten days ago the load of 4 new KTM EXC TPI bikes arrived. To say that I was happy is to say nothing 🙂

It took some time to unpack them from wooden cage, mount front wheel and fender, change muffler, head light, hand protection.

Then the “first time” start process with all those interfaces, pump checking and other things that I didn’t know nothing about 🙂

About 5 hours for completing 4 bikes and one hour more to load and wrap them on a trailer. Then 200km to our base.

Few things more for first ride and photos (of course) – changing the front sprocket and air filter adaptor. Both came in kit.

First ride on them and first ride this season as well. Slippery and snowy but sunny with lot of friends of ATV.

We ordered all the protection necessary for 2019 season and now the next load of 3 bikes is about to arrive.

The next stage of bike preparing will be filmed and we’ll keep you informed.



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