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Enduro Krzeszowice Team & Sector Enduro Serbia

One of the most famous #enduro crew in the world – Enduro Krzeszowice Team – and definitely best known for their crazy videos, rode with us this spring😜. We expected that it was going to be fun, but they outperformed everything! 🙂

Just remember, that if you didn’t make till the end of uphill and you need helping hand just for half of last meter, be sure that they gonna kick you back 🙂 If you felt into the little river, no doubt that they gonna help you to sink fully 🙂

They’ll not let you ahead, they’ll film while you will be looking for the quiet place to pee, they will throw the rocks at you just to have a good GoPro shoot 🙂 But they WILL make your Enduro ride one of the best in your life 🙂

Real hard enduro as it should be!

This is first part of Enduro Krzeszowice trip to Sector Enduro Serbia😁💪

Take a look at video…crazy as ever 🙂

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