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2019 To Do list

Was thinking about writing something useful and clever, but nothing came 馃檪

And I decided that I’ll fix the “2019 To Do” list here, without preparations, just like that and come back to it at some CP 馃檪

So, here it is:

  • finally confess that THIS is my real MISSION and NO WAY BACK
  • spend twice more time working on it
  • purchase and prepare 6 NEW 2019 bikes till the end of the March 2019
  • purchase new bigger van
  • spend at least 100 moto hours only on exploring new tracks on our new Enduro destination – mountain Zlatibor
  • shoot a megamovie from our Round Trip adventures scheduled for 2019
  • Shoot megamovie from our Hard Tours in May
  • Implement booking system here
  • Start with Road Trip tours on BMWs

On the one hand this could not be considered as a one and only job, but could as Mission and Dream Job, and on the other, it just takes so much time that I’ll be forced to do better marketing and spread the nubmer of services that are “moto” and that are “adventure”.

So wish me luck, and stay tuned, not just because all this is so interesting, but more because it could be pretty useful for those who are still in doubt about something and think that they won’t have enough dedication and strength.

You can’t even imagine how far from perfect I was when I first dreamed about it 馃檪

Just a few photos to make your day.


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