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Sector Enduro Serbia in 2021 & plan for 2022.

In October, we celebrated 5 years of rocking Enduro Tours. Interesting statistics will come soon. Now I want to share few words about plans and 2022 preparations.
At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, we had 22 Enduro tours already booked and more were to be confirmed. All groups were from abroad.
For 2020 season, we’re expecting about 40 big tours and 20 – 30 school groups. Few bikes were sold, 5 new purchased, so overall our garage counted 10 bikes MY 2019 and 2020 and few older – 2017 and 2018. By the way, new Adventure Tours offer was prepared and scheduled to start in April 2020.
Then, all the plans disappeared in Corona flame.
Ever since we’ve had a lot of riding, but mostly school and beginner groups as well as occasional riders from Europe bringing their own bikes. Just a few groups were able to plan and take a risk to buy the flights and our tour beforehand.
Lots of tours during 2020 and 2021 were canceled due to travelling restrictions and impossibility to synchronize flights, vacations, vaccinated with non-vaccinated post-travel issues and so. Hard times.
However, we managed not to sink or give up and now we’re preparing for 2022. At the moments, we’re getting a very important sings of professional recognition from big and important European partners. That was encouraging and at the right time 🙂
Another proof that we’re doing it right is that lots of groups became Sector Enduro frequenters – some came 3rd or event 4th time. Shared recommendations became significant source of new guests.
All that clearly means that here reputation is everything. You can go to dealership and buy a bunch of new bikes and equipment, have incredibly fancy web page and booking system, establish partnerships with best hotels around, but still, high quality riding, responsive and careful guides, passion for Enduro and your own country are the main reasons why people come and come back again. And that’s impossible to do in a year or two…
Well, if we managed to build and maintain most important and difficult thing in this business – reputation, why would we stop doing this? No way 🙂
So, new bikes purchased, “rent” riding gear refreshed and new mountain explored.
We’re waiting for you.

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