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Final Preps for 2019

Few days ago we got second and last load of 3 KTM TPI bikes. All protection gear had been ordered much before bikes were supposed to arrive but sometimes God has other plans, so the delivery was delayed and scheduled for the same days as 3 last bikes. And now all our plans to do it peace by peace were ruined. But the saying is – don’t have time have friends 🙂

And it’s fun right to the moment when they go home and you still have a plenty of work to do.

So here is the list:

  1. mounting skid plate
  2. hand guards
  3. moussess
  4. fans

If you going to use 140 moussess (we use technomousse) and Maxxiss tires that come with new bikes, be ready for hard work . And be sure that you’ll not complete that mission alone.

No problems with skid plate, I was expecting much more suffering. Hand guards we use original one, they turned up to be extremely reliable and tenacious 🙂

Two days we stayed late at night when even beer did’n help 🙂

Not to mention all that work with hotel bookings, transfers preparations, food for Round Trip tour, riding gear check, GPS, batteries, spare parts…

To be continued 🙂

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