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2020 Season so far

It’s been long time since I wrote something here.

In the beginning of 2020, we had already more than 20 tours booked and dozen in process of negotiation. New TPI 2020 bikes were ordered, few school ones were fully dismantled and in preparation for season, in a word, we were expecting great season.

But then, Corona totally changed everything. We needed a time to get used to new circumstances. Since any plans seemed that wouldn’t work, we just decided to load few bikes and move to mountain. The good thing was that I took my kids with me, and as it turned out, it was great idea.

As usual we were posting riding photos and offering off road riding lessons for local riders. Surprisingly, response was great, incomparably better than on previous years.

For example, since the end of 2016 till end of 2019, we had only 11 local riders, mostly one-day school tours.

This year, since 10.04, we’ve already had 21 riders and 35 days of riding, also off-road school. Less than half of them came for one day, the rest for 2 or more. It seems like Corona changed the way we spend to our time and lives.

All weekends till the mid July are already booked for coaching, our guests who had riding with us scheduled for April, May and June have recently started to check flights availability and dates.

Of course that season and plans are totally different that we expected, but still, we’re alive and in a good shape. With a great help and support, we had from local KTM dealer KTM Promoto Centar , our garage is full of new EXC 300 TPI bikes ready for summer and autumn.

Hope to see some of you here riding with us J

Check some 2020 spring photos 🙂

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