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Enduro Tours in Romania vs Enduro Tours in Serbia Part 3

Part 3

Well, yes, there are differences between riding Enduro in Romania and Serbia. But, no matter how hard I tried to evaluate and sort them out, the fact still stays the same. Definitely, Enduro in Romania is like one big Enduro party, or even more – like one big Enduro Circus 🙂 That’s like renting a scooter or having a massage in Thailand –  you can find it on every turn 🙂

No doubt you’ll find a lot of good companies as well as “gold diggers” who’ll try to make use of Romania Enduro Tours Glory. Usually those riders who come for the first time with no significant knowledge and experience will just consider some things as normal and self-evident. Like using simple tires with flat tire issue very often, riding beaten tracks, no proper teaching etc.

However, those who carry make their services better every year and enjoy their job.

From one hand, we don’t have any serious competition here, just because we made this to be our main job. But as we are only 400 km from Sibiu (yes, that’s true) and in every single tour negotiation riders compare us with offers from Romania Enduro companies, it comes that we must correspond to services offered there and try to be a slightly better and of course, cheaper.

For example, it’s already not enough to offer 2016 and 2017 bikes for most of young clients. Just because most of them ride exactly that MY at home. Or, just want to try new models like happened in 2018 with those TPI’s.

And we purchased 7 new KTM EXC TPI’s because of that and because we just know that we will grow. Partly because we encountered that it’s much more interesting for newcomer to learn something like student – like of road riding exercises spending on it every day just 1 hour of systematic Enduro training, we established Enduro School. That allows rookie to feel himself more confident, he’ll be able to face a lot of situations that surely occurs if you want to ride real Enduro and spread the riding geography. No to mention that by teaching him in Enduro School, we minimize possibility of injury and bike damage, which in turn makes rider more relaxed and enjoying on bike.

End of part 3

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