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Enduro Tours Romania vs Enduro Tours Serbia Part 4

I think four parts of writing about this subject (Enduro Tours Romania vs Enduro Tours Serbia) are quite enough. Actually, this was kind of thinking aloud. Maybe some information could be useful once!

So lets get summarizing all this, if it is possible 🙂

Enduro tours in Romania have big tradition and have been in deal since 2000s. There are lots of them so you can choose either by recommendation or just by yourself.

As for the tracks, bikes, nature and Enduro riding generally, there is no big difference between Enduro in Romania and Enduro in Serbia. This type of tourism must meet the highest standards of service in accommodation and food, because it is conjugated with all day heavy physical activities and riders just have to be fully prepared and rested for a ride. So mostly riders don’t stay to long with beer and brandy at nightclubs. After all, Enduro riders consider riding as most interesting and best entertainment in the World and the main reason they come 🙂

I have to match that nightlife and city break is in favor of Romania, but don’t forget that Serbia is famous for its creative and unexpected entertainment, so if you want some other night clubs and bars, and something other in generally, just ask!

If you want to try other that well known destination, check the food #1 in Europe, and see how this offer can look like when somebody made a mission out of this, then welcome 🙂



As I’m an Master of Nuclear Engineering, I like sheets, analysis, graphs and all that stuff, so I packed it all in one place.

Europe Yes Yes
Discounter Airlines WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet
Regular Airlines Yes Yes
Distance from Airport 5 – 100 km 180 km
Enduro is Legal? Yes Yes
Choice, companies 20+ 3
Place Transylvanian Alps Tara and Zlatibor mountains
City Sibiu, Arad Bajina Basta, Zlatibor
Shoping Yes Little bit
After ride time Sibiu, nightlife Provincial town, local
All inclusive? Yes Yes
Own Bike option? Yes Yes
Lone Riding? No
Prices 3 days all inclusive 650 EUR groups 3+ 690 EUR groups 2+
Prices 5 days all inclusive 950 EUR groups ? 850 EUR groups 3+ (lite Enduro)
Enduro School Yes Yes
Adventure long trips Yes Yes
__Expensive companies Sherco, Betta, KTM 2018, 2019 We are not expensive
__Cheap locals Variety KTM 2019 J
__Protection Full Full
__Moussess Yes Yes
__Breakage deposit Yes Yes
__Level All All
__Altitude 300 – 2200 m 500 – 1600 m
__Round trips Yes Yes
__appts ALL (3 -5 *) ALL (3 -4 *)
__mountain cabins On request On request
__included Breakfasts, dinners Breakfasts, dinners
__on request lunch lunch
Season April – end of October March – end of November
Weather Wide range Quite stable and sunny
Language English, German English, Russian, (German soon)
Guides Huge variety 3 dedicated

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