Hard for Spain

3 days of hard for Spain! From 26th to 29th of April, expert guys from Spain were tasting hard tracks on Tara mountain Serbia.

We had a big pleasure a really great time with these good people. They haven’t stopped for a second trying to chase rally quick fella and our gude Dusan Blagojevic. Todor was checking for those who fallen 🙂

Successful beggining of an expert seasson.

Thx to all.

Sector Enduro Serbia Exploring and “Pivot Turning” (video inside)

Sector Enduro Serbia is enduro tours company. We offer exceptional vacations on enduro and sport enduro bikes. Located on Tara Mountain, Serbia, we’ve choosen the most beautiful place for riding. Offers vary from “school” to expert riders trainings. All tours are guided, bikes are race ready prepeared, accommodation and food are unforgetable just like the evarything else. Check www.sectrenduro.com for offers and prices!

Not riding day (video inside)

Injury caused hanging arround Tara. Watch where to go and how amazing people live there :)​

​Date: 16.07 – 22.07.2017

Place:  Perucac, bajina Basta, Drvengrad, Zaovine, Tara mountain, Serbia

Vehicle:  KTM 450 SD

Guset from UK Darren, first time in real Hard

Darren came from UK, first time in real mountain Hard Enduro. Tough guy in fact 🙂 I wanted him to see all the beuty and to suferrrrrr 🙂

Sector Enduro Serbia exploring new tracks

Hardest but best job on the Planet. Most of the time exploring you are alone. Sometimes you are at some places when you are in doubt – shall I continue or go back? Almost always, I go further. Thats why our rides are unforgetable 🙂

Sector Enduro Serbia July 2017 Promo (video inside)

Riding our tracks and having a good time with guys from Russia and Belorussia​

​Date: 21.05 – 26.05.2017

Place:  kaludjerske Bare, Drvengrad, Zaovine, Tara mountain, Serbia

Vehicle:  Husaberg 350, EXC 300 SD, KTM 450 SD

Just nice vid from riding with few guys from Russia

Artem, Alexandar, Pavel. Falling and joking. They are comming back in 2018 🙂

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