Konstantin the Great…enduro rider

Kostantin should have been with two more riders, but they canceled and all our time was his.

We had school first and second days, 1,5 hours of excersises and tracks riding till 17-00 each days.

Kostya first and Kostya third day were two totaly different riders.

He’s comming back for more in October.

Epic Adventure Trip Available

Hi to all!

Finaly we’ve finished making this epic Enduro trip throughout the two most beautiful mountains in west Serbia – Tara and Zlatibor.

While Tara is mostly forest, wild and skill demanding, Zlatibor is Avatar-like sceenery with hard and lite tracks all around.

Lakes, rivers, kanyons, monasteries, distant households, ravines and lot lot more will be your live TV all the time.

Lots of hours on bike will rise your off-road skills, some places will offer you challenge whether to ride it straight through or to go around.

Affordable 100% – you don’t need to be expert in Enduro or to prepare lot of money, this tour is definitely one of “must ride”.

Discounts for groups.

Details here

Thx 🙂

Honey Moon for Swiss

Now we have strong proff that Hard Enduro is not only for men. Nastya and Livia had 3 days of morning enduro school with aplying the knowledge on mountain tracks. By the way, Nasyta was 5th time on the bike.

First day was really hard for her, but after that she got used and had a great time in mountains. Livia was a mega talent, and I’m sure she’ll continue with it.

They both said that they couldn’t even imagine how the mountains looked like on the bike 🙂

Yes, that is all about 🙂

Photos are here https://sectorenduro.com/gallery/swiss-honey-moon/


Bollywood Star and Amsterdam Trio

Group of, how they declared they skill level, beginners were our guests few days ago. Shiva was dancing deep in mountains, Amsterdam guys were joking all th etime, but definitely they all were shocked by knowledge and tricks they learnt.

Last day we had pretty heavy track and 6 hours on the bike. Apsolutelly different riders if compared to first day 🙂

I think that they sucessfully passed their own exam and Sector Enduro Serbia did great job.. As always :)))))

Video soon.

Big Adventure bikes skill improvement

Enduro trainings as adv riding skill improvement

My name is Nebojsha and I’m both, adv and enduro/hard enduro rider. Came to enduro from motocross, but adv rider I’ve been since ever. Now my garage fits for one GSA 1200, 2 husabergs, 2 KTMs 350 and one sixdays KTM 450.

After 20 years on bike and about 13 in adv, wanted to share some thoughts with like-minded mates.

They are about my noticeable adv riding skills improvement after I had started to ride enduro, especially hard part of it 🙂

Yes, I got a lot of knowledge and self confidence on big bikes from motocross, but my adv tracks and trips drastically changed and I saw a lot more in my adventures only because of  enduro.

Crucial things you start to understand by riding enduro could be listed like this:

  • Quick “ridebility” evaluation (can I pass this sh**t or looking for alternative) of the some trails, forest roads, details.. You had that kind of situation when you wasn’t shore – would you pass that problem or got stuck for hours.
  • Bike weight and traction control on some steep downhills or slippery surfaces. Sometimes you have to go down with engine turned off and one leg on the surface, other on the footstep. Left or right, what’s the difference and how to keep the bike on the wheels 🙂
  • Fast, on the run, terrain reading and analyzing for obstacles like rocks, logs, roots, trenches etc, helps to go fast over some of them even if stricken.
  • Finding a balance (I gained due to enduro, not motocross) is thing you use all the time on the bike, slower you go – more work on the bike. Mostly, the Mr. Balance will save the bike from falling and you from picking it up in some distant places (what will you do on 10cm deep gravel road?).
  • Moving on the bike – well known in adv riding theory but poor implemented on practice.. this is one of the most important skills if you want to go safe and far from home

The list looks like small, but I consider it as basic and crucial at the same time. Yes, there are a lot of other techniques and skills for hundreds of situations you will get in, but those will solve great part of them.

I had a chance to watch and ride with lot of riders, and I made some statistics of what are the most wanted surfaces, what are the most problematic but most wanted as well, and what do the riders undertake in problems.

All my experience now I’m sharing with riders from Europe, Israel and UAE. Some are coming to my enduro camp and find a new passion and lot of knowledge. Some, after years of riding, are fascinated how insufficient their riding skills have been 🙂

Probably I’ll make a few posts here about exercises you have to try.

Learning is always exciting. Especially if it’s about riding 😉

You could stop by on coffee when riding through Serbia, or have an useful and very, very super mega active bike vacation with me and my KTMs)


Espania expert team video#1

Here is the 1st part sent by Espania team. No doubt they liked it 🙂

2018 Summer Enduro School Camp

Offer is developed for 6-8 day vacation in best place on Earth. We combined bikes and good time between few mountains, lakes and rivers.

Swimming, fishing, tracking, some history exploring, even jeeping, horse riding, wellness all kind of procedures for non-riders, whole family or tired enduro students 🙂

Absolutely new and very very afordable destination for enduro and not only.

Perfect offer for rookie level in enduro.

Details here.

New place for afterride time :)

We arranged new afterride time place to visit.

It’s small traditional brandy production factory in Bajina Basta. Built not only for making best brandy in Serbia, but also for spending some time watching all process and cheking the results 🙂

Excellent products, guides and place, just few minutes from our moto base.

Israel Clever Duo

Very very interesting guys from Israel visited us few weeks ago. They made decission to come in few minutes after calling us. No downpayments, no word about “what bikes we will ride”, no special needs for food and accommodation – thay just asked if I could guarantee good time 🙂 And they sent me air tickets scans five minutes after we had first time talked to each other. Bussy guys 🙂

Of course they were suffering in the Mountains, of course 🙂 But it was fun and useful!

Thx for comming good people! Hope to see you again!

Pics in the gallery.

Russian Nuclear Team

3 days of hard in period from 1.05 to 3.05. Three friends with their families came all way long from Moscow. First time on Real Enduro bikes 🙂

First day we had kind of school of riding with basic things firmly stamped into their heads! After that we went out in mountains for lite tracks. Second and third days we were adding hard details to all that nature beauties of Tara mountain.

Last day they were trying intermediate stuff combined with lunch-brake in disttant village Milekichi where we all were hospitably offered coffee and sandwiches.

Thx to all 🙂

Photos are published here or could be accessed through gallery.


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