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Adventure Bike №1
Mind Blow

Tour №1 for Big Bikes.

West part of Serbia on Adventure Bikes. Five mountains connected in amazing route.

Pine forests, ravines, highlands, distant households and hidden little restaurants.

Small sections of gravel roads like unique opportunity to safely visit places you wouldn’t even find if ride alone.

Mountains and places:

  • Divcibare, Tara, Zlatibor, Rudnik, Golija
  • Arandjelovac, Rajac, Bajina Basta, Mitrovac
  • Visegrad, Uvac, Kraljevo, Rudnik

Roads – 830km asphalt and 20km gravel

Guided tour, riding gear for rent.


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Tightly packed Serbian beauty in 3 days of Adventure riding. Central and west part of our country mostly highlands. Carefully chosen roads and places, definitely “must see” part of the Serbia.

Route goes over the most beautiful National Parks by the curvy scenic roads. Challenging for Adventure bike riding but absolutely stunning places reached only by secret lite off road sections.

If I was left only 4 days to live, I’d spend 3 riding this route.

Mountains Divchibare, Zlatibor, Tara, Rudnik

Roads – 830km asphalt and 20km gravel



Our journey starts in Belgrade, and it will be explored after we get back.

Traditional coffee out of the Belgrade, bikes are warm, the adventure has just started.

Ride through Sumadija, central Serbia. Narrow roads, green hills, quiet households, lonely cafes.

Aradjelovac, Ljig, Rajac places in central Serbia, authentic easy life and nature. Just enjoy.

Now the mountains start.

Climb to Divcibare mountain, where we’ll have a lunch…super lunch, as usual.

Then through plateau Tometino Polje, introduction to mountain roads, down to Pozhega and Uzice.

Now up to Zlatibor mountain, where our first night will be. After traditional dinner, only walk will help us to digest it properly.


Perfect mountain breakfast and coffee, then jump on bikes for one more unforgettable day in Serbia.

Riding further to Tara mountain, then ancient Monastary Racha and by gravel road we will climb back to Tara.

Then we’ ride to beautiful mountain lake Zaovine, deepest and clearest artificial lake on Balkans, just for a coffee break and little story of it.

By good gravel road and over the main Tara mountain ridge, we reach Drvengrad – modern Ethno village in the middle of mountains in old Serbian architecture style where we will have another break.

Straight to Vishegrad by amazing mountain road in order to visit famous old stone Bridge which dates from 15th century and fully restored old city Andricgrad where we will have a Bosnian lunch.

Like ancient Serbs and Romans, we travel by the Drina River and through the mountains back to Serbia and Priboj for another coffee break.

Riding through highlands, we reach famous Uvac canyon and then climb curvy but good road to Golia mountain where we gonna stay for a night under the starry heaven.


After another strong breakfast and then straight for visit ancient Studenica monastery and by the Ibar river and good road jump to city Kralevo for coffee and little walk.

Through central Serbia over the Rudnik mountain for break at little private household.

One more stop at Arandjelovac city surroundings for old special cooked pork or lamb, which must not be missed this time.

Away from main roads, through green and peaceful Sumadija, we will get back to Belgrade where farewell dinner waits for us.

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