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100% Action by expert group guided by Dusan Blagojevic (video)

Just a few minutes of pure action captured by our Pro guide Dusan Blagojevic. We all know that camera can’t show you how steep are downhills or uphills, neither how fast you ride those narrow forest trails. But you can watch all that nature and listen to beautiful sound of engine 🙂


Russian riders made a video for us :)

Mihail and Nikolai rode with Sector Enduro Serbia in November. Nikolai was beginner but as he was in good shape and listenning to me carefully, so he rode good Enduro tracks on second day already.

It’s always interesting to see how the others see their adveenture with us…. And how do we look like from the side 🙂


MX crew from France first time in Enduro

4 just amazing days with Ellies and Dorian 🙂 Great MX riders were dead after few hours in woods 🙂 They accepted my appologizes for not prepared track high in the mountains 🙂 I appreciated the way they were listenning to me and learning fast, so the last 2 days were just having a really good fun. Guys was amazed with what they saw in our mountains and prommised to come again in 2019.


Short footage from exploring, November 2018 (video)

Few more minutes from our last exploring ride. Tornik ridge, Uvac and absolutely unreal Dubrava monastery, ancient pine woods.

All this in best enduro offer ever – Enduro Adventure Round Trip.

Exshausting ride, but non-stop stunning sceenes and places. Accommodation in authentic households.

Round Trip tracing – my best riding ever (photos)

Actually, we finished main route more then month ago, but there were few places where alternative had to be found. So, few days ago, Dusan and me started from Tornik (Zlatibor mountain) and followed GPX that I had drawn before.

I thought that there should be some safe place for going through Uvac near the Dubrava Monastery, so after 2 hours we reached that place which as I had considered should be the one. But unfortunately, absolutely no way to ride that place. From the other hand, occasionally, we found just spectacular place from which huge canyon and surrounding cliffs were on a full view.

So, from that point, we used Google Earth and locals to find the way around. And that ocassional ride, without existing gps track happened to be one of the best rides in our life.

There are no words to express my thankfulness to God and everything that made my life go this way.

This ride was kind of crossroads where I had a last opportunity to turn and left all this beauty unseen by someone whose life has to be changed.

Thank you all.


video soon

Round trip tracks

We connected few more places with hard and lite connections again.

First we draw em in Google Earth roughly, then check em in Mountains. Most interesting part is when we explore hard connections and we do it together usually.

And I can fairly say that this’ll be most exciting and most epic Tour in Europe 🙂 Belive me, no places like this can be ridden freely elsewhere in Europe.

Untouched, friendly but no too far from good food and rest. Photos and videos in galery.


Video from exploring the new tracks on new Epic destination

We’ve just finished exploring part of mountain Zlatibor as a new destination. Lots of new kms of hard and classic enduro on altitudes between 600 and 1400m.

Check the short video for fun 🙂


Enduro voznje i obuka na Tari i Zlatiboru

Sectorenduro je samo za nase trziste poceo da organizuje jednodnevne Enduro voznje na trkackim KTM, Husaberg i Husqvarna motorima na Tari i Zlatiboru.

Voznja podrazumeva obuku od 1,5h i off-road do 16-00. Trekovi su uglavnom sumski putevi manje ili nikako odrzavani 🙂 Sumarno predjemo oko 90 km.

Usput treniramo stvari kao sto su:

  • voznja stojeci na motoru
  • sta je to balans na delu i zasto se motor lakse upravlja stojeci
  • kako stoje ruke na volanu
  • kako se pravilno ubrzava i koci na ovakvim motorima i off-road terenima
  • skretanje na raznim podlogama

Sve ovo zaista daje nova znanja, neka stara ce mozda i da obrise, ali definitivno siri vidike kad je voznja bilo kod motora u pitanju.

Vrlo korisna i prelepa tura.

Svu opremu imamo u osnovnim velicinama.


Enduro Biotechnologists from Israel

3 days of real deal Enduro with guys from Israel. They were pushing themselfs all the time becuse of Dusan, of course. They had not only guiding, but a good school from our best rider.

We had a really good Hard Enduro time.

Photos in Gallery.

Konstantin the Great…enduro rider

Kostantin should have been with two more riders, but they canceled and all our time was his.

We had school first and second days, 1,5 hours of excersises and tracks riding till 17-00 each days.

Kostya first and Kostya third day were two totaly different riders.

He’s comming back for more in October.

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