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5 Days of
Classic Enduro

One and only safe solution​ for hard enduro beginners and rookies. Long rides on gravel forest roads and trails will lead you near some hard enduro track details where you can try and learn some advanced stuff like standing on uphills and catching a ballance on rocks.

Perfect way to rise your enduro riding skills.

This tracks lay through eye catching rivers, lakes and wild forests so you can just have an remembering Enduro vacation, with day riding and noon life-enjoying.

Best way to go mad about Hard Enduro and Serbia.

Special offer for this tour on KTM EXCs SD 450 2014.

​In short:


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This enduro tour offer is perfectly suitable for enduro newcomers – both boys and girls, for those who once have already tried it and loved it, and especially for those who love nature and very active vacations.

We reccomend this one as extremely useful for ADV riders and for their riding skill improvement and as a part of family enduro vacation.

More then 400 km of enduro tracks through forests and highlands, near mountain lakes and rivers.

We will ride KTM EXC 350 & 450 all Six Days, learn, practice and enjoy the nature!


  • Meet you at airport, and head to our base in Tara locality.

  • We’ll reside in private house with private room and bathroom for everyone. House is located in untouched nature of Tara mountain, on the edge of National Park Tara. There are garage, wifi, equipment dry-up place and community room at your disposal.

  • If you’re coming with your family, there are different apartments for you to get the best from the vacation. Of course, you can choose a hotel not far from our base, which has all that your family or friends could need – swimming pool, sauna, kids playground, billiard, all inclusive system..

  • The breakfast and dinner in the house are included, but it’s always up to you to choose whether you will eat there or in restaurant nearby. As our tracks are long and hard, we can always arrange some lunch brake on the track at the some authentic household.

  • Our riding will start every morning at 9-00 after breakfast, and will end at 17-00. One of the day, we will finish track earlier because of a tiredness accumulated on the previous days and for your safety.

  • There are a lot of touristic attractions in a 50 km radius from there – Kusturica’s “Drvengrad”, “Adnricgrad” and Drina Bridge, “Sarganska osmica”, planty of autenthic restaurants and national trade fairs which are always accompanied with few days of music and excellent food 🙂

  • Depending on your flight time, we will plan our departure correctly in order to use our riding time to the limit.

  • We are not champions of the Romaniacs, but we’re shore that we have enough enduro skills to support you at the track and to rise your riding techniques.

  • There is equipment for rent, but it’s always better and safe to bring and use your own.

  • Our bikes are fully equipped with protection and technically correct and serviced.

  • We speak English and Russian.


Offer includes:

  • Transfers
  • Welcome drink
  • Accommodation 6 nights here or here (3 or 4*)
  • Standard serbian hard enduro breakfasts (dinner is not included in Classic tour)
  • Tour guide, assistance
  • Bikes and fuel (for this tour bikes can vary from EXC 2012 to EXC 2017, but all fully prepared and protected)
  • 5 full days of enduro riding
  • Cold beer after
  • Extra beers for good behavior 🙂

Not included:

  • Lunches and dinners
  • Nothing else

At request

  • Anything
  • Equipment (should be arranged beforehand)

Must have

  • Medical sport insurance
  • Gear (soft, adventure boots are not allowed, neck and knee braces desirable)


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