2024 Round Trip

Unique Enduro Adventure tour in Europe arranged in Serbia. Three or four days off road riding and Enduro adventure through mountains Zlatibor and Tara. Different landscapes, wild nature, intensive intermediate and exciting route. Every night different place to stay.

In short:

  • level – medium to hard
  • 3 or 4 full days of riding
  • 280 km overall
  • 4 or 5 days accommodation
  • breakfasts and dinners (lunches arranged on request)
  • bikes all new 2020, 2021 EXC TPI and 2022 GasGas, fuel
  • Guide and support

Accommodation and food can be arranged on the households and villages on the track.


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Track for this Enduro round trip is created the way to connect distant beautiful places. Mountain lakes, monasteries, highest peaks, canyons and highlands. Nevertheless, route is quite challenging even for Hard Enduro riders. Less skilled have options to ride around few difficult sections but at some they’ll always have helping hand.

This enduro tour is epic and covers most beautiful mountains in Serbia – Tara and Zlatibor.

If you didn’t know where to ride freely Enduro in the Europe, than this adventure in Serbia is for you. You’ll see 30km long mountain ridges, endless uphills, hidden villages and landscapes that make you think you’re on the Mars or in Avatar movie,

Tour covers west region of Serbia, and more than 280 km over two most beautiful mountains. Accommodations are on the track, have all the riders could need, food and snacks are arranged at local households.

Most beautiful places connected by this track:

  • Lakes Zaovine, Ribnicko, Radoinja, Zlatarsko
  • Peaks Zboriste, Iver, Krsanje, Tornik, Jablanica
  • Monasteries Racha, Dubrava, Uvac
  • Rivers Rzav, Uvac
  • Villages Milekichi, Semegnjevo, Jablanica, Stublo, Ljubis

We usually recommend this one to be combined with few days of Hard on Tara mountain which we consider as a perfect deal.

For more details contact us.


  • All transfers including luggage on the route
  • bikes 2020 and 2021 KTM EXC, 2022 GasGas fully protected and equipped
  • fuel
  • Experienced guides
  • Luggage and other stuff transport to accommodation places
  • Service & Support vehicle
  • Accommodation (Wild and Exclusive options)
  • Riding gear drying
  • Food (breakfasts and dinners on the place, lunches on request)

Videos#1 from tracing Round Trip

Videos#2 from tracing Round Trip

Accommodation #1

Accommodation #2

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