2022 KTM & GasGas Enduro School

Three or five days in Sector Enduro School of Riding. Proved methodology for safest and quickest Enduro world entrance. Intensive trainings are held every day in beautiful nature of Tara mountain. Exercises in the morning, riding with new knowledge and skills after good lunch. Activities for family.

  • 3 or 5 days of riding
  • 4 or 6 days accommodation
  • breakfasts
  • bike
  • riding gear provided free of charge
  • transfers and other activities on demand
  • experience required – beginner or zero
  • new Real Deal KTM and GasGas bikes



Course is a result of all our riding and racing experience – on road and Adventure bikes s as well as on different dirt bikes. Since we established Enduro School in 2018, we’ve successfully trained more then 150 beginners. Some of them got hooked by Enduro, some are applying their knowledge on and off road on daily basis.

It’s well known that off road riding significantly improves riding skills in general and actually that’s our main point.

Training in our Enduro School is compiled the way that rider gets one skill after another in logical and less stressful order. All the time we carefully watch over the training process and intensively control and manage it. We claim that first days on dirt bike are most important for learning for both reasons – safety and technique details.

We start from basics like adjusting the control levers, easy rolling in and getting used to bike’s reactions which are quite new and more responsive compared to previous riders experiences. Then comes weight delivery across the bike which means moving back and forth, left and right. Using rear break is practiced first day due to fact that exactly rear break is the main one in off road riding.

Then come the cornering and riding in standing position which is explained in detail. By the way, all the exercises are demonstrated by coach.

When basics are acquired and trained, we switch to Enduro techniques like uphills and downhills, sidelongs, bike manipulation in lack of space. Everyday we ride the real context in the wood which allows rider to apply gained skills immediately.

Offer is extremely useful for Big Adventure and road bike riders as well. You’ll lern lot of stuff that are simply applied to Adventure riding.



For Riders

  • start every morning at 10-30
  • body warming up like running, picking up a bike and so
  • basic excercises for of road and enduro riding
  • then learning uphills and downhills
  • track riding
  • rising up difficulty every day
  • make stops at distant places
  • have lunch at amazing places
  • 16-00 get back to base
  • massage or pool
  • visit places on demand

For family

  • Horse riding
  • Tennis school
  • Hiking, Treckng
  • Canyoning
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Lot more


You will learn:

  • Choosing a proper riding gear
  • Adjusting the bike controls
  • What does the balancing on the bike mean?
  • Stand on the bike properly
  • Accelerate and brake without armpump
  • Cornering on different soil type
  • Moving on the bike
  • Riding uphills and downhills
  • Overcoming obstacles – logs, rocky sections
  • Turning your bike around in very limited space
  • Properly loading footpads on sidelong
  • GPS and Google Earth using
  • And lot more
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