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2020 KTM Enduro School

Special offer for Autumn 2018. Three or five days of school in Sector Enduro School of Riding.

You will learn:​

  • everything about riding gear
  • how to perfectly adjust bike controls
  • why to ride standing
  • overcoming obstacles
  • manipulate with bike in lack of room
  • gps using
  • lot more (see description)


  • level in offroad – beginner
  • level in Adventure and road – any
  • 3 or 5 days of riding
  • 4 or 6 days accomodation
  • breakfasts
  • bike
  • all other activities on demand




This tour was developed for those who would like to spend whole family vacation in ecologically perfect place well known for its excellent whether, air and food.

Riding in wild, especially Enduro in Europe, is on the first place of course, but there are a lot of other activities for riders and the rest of the family.

Horse riding, hiking, tracking, fishing, jeeping and that’s only a part of things to do in the best place on Serbia.

Few wellness houses and thermal water springs are also in close availability from our base.

Restaurants, brandy production factory, fish houses, ancient monasteries all here.

This tour is extremly useful for Big Adventure and road bike riders as well. You’ll lern lot of stuff that are simply applied to Adventure riding. Not to mention that any off road riding rises up your confidence on road. Some things are written here.

Contact us and we will make best schedule perfectly fit for you.


For Riders

  • start every morning at 10-30
  • body warming up like running, picking up a bike and so
  • basic excercises for of road and enduro riding
  • then learning uphills and downhills
  • track riding
  • rising up difficulty every day
  • make stops at distant places
  • have lunch at amazing places
  • 16-00 get back to base
  • massage or pool
  • visit places on demand

For family

  • Horse riding
  • Tennis school
  • Hiking, Treckng
  • Canyoning
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Lot more


You will learn:

  • Choosing a proper riding gear
  • Adjusting the bike controls
  • What does the balancing on the bike mean?
  • Stand on the bike properly
  • Accelerate and brake without armpump
  • Cornering on different soil type
  • Moving on the bike
  • Riding uphills and downhills
  • Overcoming obstacles – logs, rocky sections
  • Turning your bike around in very limited space
  • Properly loading footpads on sidelong
  • GPS and Google Earth using
  • And lot more
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