We’re looking forward to teach you how to ride.

5 unforgettable days in mountains and on the bike.

You’ll ride the places you couldn’t even imagine they existed.

Check the details in tabs below.



This is the best choice for learning enduro and having active vacation at most beautiful mountains in Europe.

You will learn:​

  • Stand on the bike properly
  • Accelerate and brake without armpump
  • Cornering on different soil type
  • Moving on the bike
  • Riding uphills and downhills
  • Overcoming obstacles – logs, rocky sections
  • Turning your bike around in very limited space
  • Properly loading footpads on sidelong
  • GPS using
  • And lot more

Everyday tracks riding

​We will start riding at 10.00, have practicing till 11.30, then we will try to aply all the knowledge on the track, and get back at 14.00.

While gaining these skills for enduro riding, you will significantly improve it for riding the big bikes.


Hi there)

If you want to apply for SECTOR ENDURO LEGIONNAIRE project participation, read this first and if it doesn’t scare you, go on and send us mail.

So, here is a short list of what you’re agree with:

  • Everybody 18+ can apply
  • You got to know to ride motorcycle (road, adv, dualsport..)
  • It’s not necessarily that you’ve been offroad ever before
  • No license needed
  • Fitness level (1-10) 6 and higher
  • No health problems
  • You’ve always wanted to ride Enduro
  • You’re quite cool in difficult situations
  • You realize that you are going to listen to coach and work hard
  • You’re gonna be filmed all the time – putting the gear on, eating, being drunk (if), yelling that you’re sick of it, crying
  • You’re ready to be interviewed by Skype or so
  • You’re ready to come to Serbia and ride with us 5 days
  • You’ll pay for flight tickets and food. Accommodation, bikes and beer are on us
  • You’re ready to ride in rain
  • You are ready to ride 4 – 5 hours a day
  • You realize that you’re going to ride at one of the most beautiful place in Europe
  • You understand that we can choose any rider we want without explaining the reason
  • You passionately want to learn Enduro


If you are agree with all this, then go on and send us a mail on sectorenduro@gmail.com and write us a little about you and the reason you want to go through all this. After that, we will proceed further. Thx

We live and ride on mountain Tara, Serbia – http://tiny.cc/5zbtaz

Spoken languages – English, Russian, Serbian.

Accommodated here www.kurta-tara.com or www.tara3m.com

Closest airport is Nikola Tesla, Belgrade where we are going to pick you up!



Ako zelis da se prijavis I ucestvujes u projektu SECTOR ENDURO LEGIONNAIRE, prvo procitaj ovo nize i ako to to ne plasi, samo napred I posalji nam pismo.

Evo je lista onoga sa cime se slazes:

  • Svako stariji od 18 moze da ucestvuje
  • Vec umes da vozis motor bilo koje vrste
  • Nije neophodno da si vozila off road ranije
  • Ne treba ti vozacka dozvola
  • Fitness (1-10) 6
  • Nemas problema sa zdravljem
  • Uvek si htela da naucis da vozis Enduro
  • Prilicno si stalozena u tezim situacijama
  • Shvatas da ces slusati trenera i raditi vredno
  • Ceo process cemo snimati na kameru – uskakanje u opremu, kako jedemo, kako smo pijani, kako vicemo, placemo i slicno
  • Spremna si da te intervjuisemo preko Skype ili uzivo
  • Spremna si da provedes 5 dana na planini
  • Spremna si da vozis pod kisom
  • Spremna si da vozis 4 – 5 sati svakodnevno
  • Svesna si da ces voziti u jednom od najlepsih mesta u Evropi
  • Mozemo da izaberemo bilo koga
  • Strasno hoces da naucis da vozis Enduro


Ako se slazes, onda nam napisi mail na sectorenduro@gmaill.com malo o sebi I koji je razlog zasto zelis da prodjes kroz sve ovo.

Zivimo i vozimo na Tari http://tiny.cc/5zbtaz

Smestena ces biti verovatno ovde www.kurta-tara.com ili ovde www.tara3m.com

Cekamo vas!

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