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Adventure Bike №3 Off School

Designed for Adventure and Road bike riders no matter whether they have of road experience or not.

Hard trainings combined with new knowledge practicing in the heart of the Mountains.

Extremely useful for riders who have plans for rides far from home.

Every day intensive exercises and tracks riding with particular techniques practicing.

Tree days of pleasure and hard work!


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If you’ve been riding Road or Adventure bikes for some time, I’m sure that you’ve already been in the situation when you had to go off road or just thought that it might have been much more interesting if you had tried that little gravel forest road or trail.

In that case, to make that ride joy and safe, you had to have some off road skills.

We offer you two or three days of school specially designed for adventure and road bike riders. In order to make that smoothly and with no fears, the first step is on Real Deal off road KTM Enduro bikes, which are just designed for that.

Special set of exercises is scheduled for 1,5 hours every morning which is held on our training ground.

They are:

  • proper position
  • accelerating and breaking sitting and standing on bike
  • cornering sitting and standing
  • intensive braking and accelerating
  • riding without one hand
  • riding sitting and standing on one side of the bike
  • “tight eights” standing and sitting
  • riding in lack of room (between trees)
  • lot more

Training is quite physically demanding but gives you lot of knew and useful knowledge and skill.

Rest of the day we ride the tracks chosen accordingly to your level.



After breakfast, we will jump in to gear and on the bikes and ride few kilometers to our training site where we are going to spend few hours learning proper stuff for off riding.

When basic exam is passed, we will proceed further into mountains by using forest gravel roads and trails. For this day one peak and few rivers are planned to visit. 5 or 6 hours on this kind of terrains and bikes will be quite enough to get used to bike and understand why this skills are so important for real adventure on Big Bikes. About 17-00 we will be back to accommodation.


Just like first day, we are going to start with repeating the things we learnt yesterday and add some new knowledge. Usually second day riders feel themselves much more confident on the bike and for that reason we will go even further to mountains. Our route will go next to huge mountain lake Zaovine, peak Iver and authentic mountain-style village for lunch.


Third day is on your choice, whether you want to choose off road route for Big Bike or continue with next step in Hard Core. If we jump on BMWs, we’ll have about 150 km of amazing off road tracks over two mountains.

We guarantee that you’ll be amazed with the difference in riding you’re going to feel, and the places you’re going to see going off usual roads.


  • Choosing a proper riding gear
  • Adjusting the bike controls
  • What does the balancing on the bike mean?
  • Why do you have to stand on the bike when the road is off and..
  • How to stand on the bike properly
  • Accelerate and brake without armpump (and what the hell is that?)
  • Cornering on different terrain type
  • Moving on the bike
  • Riding uphills and downhills
  • Overcoming obstacles – logs, rocky sections
  • Turning your bike around in very limited space
  • Properly loading footpads on sidelong
  • GPS and Google Earth using
  • And lot more
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