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Adventure Bike №2
Big One

Tour №2 for Big Bikes.

Most beautiful places in Serbia, Herzegovina and Montenegro ridden on bike.

Six days of riding over the mountains and through ancient places on Balkans.

Every day different scenery, excellent food and roads. Chance to rise up your skills.

And check the Adriatic sea temperature!

Mountains and places:

  • Divchibare, Zlatibor, Tara, Durmitor, Lovcen, Orjen, Rudnik
  • Arandjelovac, Bajina Basta, Zaovine, Visegrad, Zabljak, Piva, NIksic, Skadar and more..
  • Boka Kotorska

Roads – 1600 km asphalt and 50 km gravel


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Deep step towards understanding why this point on beloved Earth is subject of constant invasions. Places with lots of sunny days, pure water and beautiful and strong people.

This Adventure Bike route goes through central and western Serbia, then catch part of Bosnia up to rocky Herzegovina to reach highest part of this full of history places – Montenegro.

This ride from second day yet will make you feel close to sky, strong and as if you were always part of it. And remind you why you ride, if you’ve forgotten it…

Patiently explored and hidden roads with hospitable households will answer to many questions you probably wanted to know.

Mountains Divchibare, Zlatibor, Tara, Durmitor, Lovcen, Orjen, Rudnik

Roads – 1600 km asphalt and 50 km gravel


DAY 1 – 280 km

Our journey starts in Belgrade, and it will be explored after we get back.

Traditional coffee out of the Belgrade, bikes are warm, the adventure has just started.

Ride through Sumadija, central Serbia. Narrow roads, green hills, quiet households, lonely cafes.

Aradjelovac, Ljig, Rajac places in central Serbia, authentic easy life and nature. Just enjoy.

Now the mountains start.

Climb to Divcibare Mountain, where we’ll have a lunch…super lunch, as usual.

Then through plateau Tometino Polje, introduction to mountain roads, down to Pozhega and Uzice.

Now up to Zlatibor Mountain, where our first night will be. After traditional dinner, only walk will help us to digest it properly.

DAY 2 – 245 km

After breakfast, our ride starts with great road to Tara Mountain and hidden Racha Monastery.

Short gravel road will bring us to west part of the Tara National Park, to curvy and narrow road straight to deepest artificial lake on Balkans Zaovine where we will have short break.

By another good gravel road and over the main Tara mountain ridge, we reach Drvengrad  – modern Ethno village in old Serbian architecture style in the middle of mountains where we’ll have coffee break.

Straight to Vishegrad in Bosnia by amazing mountain road in order to visit famous old stone bridge from 15th century and built from scratch old city Andricgrad where we will have a lunch.

Then we’ll follow famous Drina river flow and from this point you’ll be finally caught by mountains.

Higher the mountains we ride, the more epic are roads. After we enter the Montenegro, we will ride through deep Piva river canyon; have few stops at lake of the same name, to finally reach Durmitor Mountain at 1500m altitude.

Stay for this night is booked on Zabljak authentic cottages, nice mountain place for recover and get used to all you’ll see that day.

DAY 3 – 290 km

Morning will bring question – whether we ride asphalt road to Niksic or we try gravel one straight through tough Montenegro rocky places?

The ride is on, we go to Piva lake again and through canyon we will reach historical Nikshich where our first stop for that morning is planned.

From NIkshich to Podgorica, Montenegro capital, we choose good regional scenic road. We’ll spent some half an hour there and continue trip towards Skadar lake – biggest on balkans.

Skadar surroundings bring us back to history a bit, when peace and war were things like Iphone today. Over the mountain pass we’ll arrive to Ulcinj coast and have a dinner near the old city – fortress.

That day we sleep by the sea.

DAY 4 – 300 km

Breakfast and coffee on the coast, what could be better?

Ride day starts on the Adriatic coast, but shortly we’ll start to climb to mountains to places Lovcen and Cetinje which are very special for Serbs and Montenegrins, not to mention the spectacular view to whole Boka Kotorska gulf from 1700m altitude.

There we will decide upon wishes whether we continue through Montenegro outback or get back down and ride the coast.

We will visit Budva, Kotor, Perast and Herceg Novi – main Montenegro coast old cities with all that narrow and rocky architecture.  Few of them are really worth visiting.

Now, back to Bosnia and Herzegovina mountains. One of our stops is in Trebinje, old mountain Serbian city that must be not missed.

Excellent road through highlands, ride by few lakes, on the East of Montenegro again and city Zabljak where out next night will be.


This day is for relaxing ride and less rocky surroundings than we had previous days. But nothing less scenery and exciting, you have my word.

On our way we can visit Milesheva monastery, have a lunch in restaurant with its own fishery, then take a look at canyon Uvac famous for its gorge and colony of griffon vultures .

Through places traditionally famous for raspberry production, we will climb to mountain Golija and stay till tomorrow in the mountain cottages at 1100 m altitude.

DAY 6 – 261 km

After breakfast, we will ride a little gravel section to monastery Studenica, built in XII century and under UNESCO protection.

Then our route will lead us to cities Kraljevo, Kragujevac, near the river Ibar and Maglic midlevel fortress Maglic.

By secondary roads with few stops for coffee, we will climb to Rudnik mountain which will be our last mountain on the road back. Lunch will be unforgettable as always, and then the last section to home, through quiet and beautiful part of Srbija – Sumadija, we will get to Belgrade where farewell dinner waits for us.

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